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Pindify is the marketplace for creative providers to build their fan base, and interact with their superfans, through creating and sharing original content. Our vision is for Providers in all genres to earn enough to pursue their artistic callings. Content on Pindify emphasizes the raw, behind-the-scenes experience. Our model means that even smaller creators can catch a break.

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Julie the Angeleno
Los Angeles, CA5
I’m just getting started in my blogging career, after working as a freelance journalist for food and travel publications. I love to include original artwork and photography in my posts, so readers can get a good sense of my personality. I’m building a following on Pindify by posting links to my blog posts and magazine articles.
Membership plan: Provider
The Podcast Guys
New York, US25
What started as a joke idea over lunch developed into a podcast on pop culture that has 100 episodes and counting. We joined as Basic Providers on Pindify because we want to start building our following. Every time we upload one of our episodes, we’re laying the groundwork to expand our fanbase.
Membership plan: Provider XL
Stockholm, Sweden45
We’re busy touring artists who won our University’s Battle of the Bands. Between opening for established acts and handling publicity, we have let our manager handle our social media. Call us old-school, but we were busy making music. Our manager is working with us to post our backstage videos and rough cuts on Pindify.
Membership plan: All Access PRO
Gabriela Morales-Miranda
San Juan, Puerto Rico35
I grew up in Santurce, the arts district of San Juan. I did my master’s degree in New York, and developed a style of street art that combines influences from all over the globe. At the moment I’m back home, working on murals I’m passionate about, helping to revitalize Santurce after the devastation of Hurricane Maria.
Membership plan: Enterprise
Element Records
Montack premium Soundsystem
Accra, Ghana135
We’re a startup record label of African entrepreneurs and musicians who are cutting through the red tape of old-school record labels. We work directly with our artists, and we know our market. We see our Pindify Enterprise account as a way to grow our artists’ fan base internationally. We’re not limited in the number of portfolios we can manage for our clients.
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