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Pindify in Short

Pindify’s market-platform liberates providers of arts & media to publish, distribute and monetize directly on subscription from existing or new supporters. Providers such as creators, contributors, curators, managers, agents, labels, media houses and publishers can finally have one place where they can gather both social and professional digital content.

Providers can join together or separately earn from both portfolio-revenue and content revenue. All arts & media can then be discovered, organized and consumed by subscribers on the market, home or on portfolios via our web service and mobile applications.


Pindify aims to create a symbiosis for merchants, businesses and enterprises of arts & media to coexist with consumers and free users as any commercial centers. Pindify’s market allows you to be social, promotional and professional.

Pindify charge you for membership instead of ”rent” and instead of ”cash” Pindify built a unique, secure and efficient subscription distribution system to handle consumption, followers and invites.


If you create, produce, entertain or influence perhaps as a musician, artist, podcaster, journalist or a blogger you should consider becoming a merchant of arts & media.


If you promote, represent or broadcast, perhaps as an agency, marketer, publisher, magazine or radiostation, you should consider becoming a business of arts & media.


If you publish, distribute, manage perhaps as a media house, label, publisher or a studio you should consider becoming an enterprise or arts & media

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Finally a market place where you can be both social and supportive to the providers and contributors of arts & media, without loosing it’s good technology for consumption. A service where the you are in charge of your subscription which provides a great and direct impact on as many portfolios as you want. Get connected, be more organized and create your own culture.


Discover amazing content and portfolios from all over the world or right around the corner from your local market. Get inspired from friends and curators who manually selecting and adding context to new content.


Connect and bond with your favorite artist by follow them or unite with them. By doing so you most likely get exclusive content and get to message directly with portfolios you are united with.


Organize your world of arts and media by getting shared content from folks you are united with and updates from portfolios you follow. Find content with a creative filter, a smart search or go directly to their portfolios. Further organize by pinning, adding and stashing your favorite portfolios and content.

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