… Follows, Consumption, Trading, and Sponsorship. Our innovative platform allows you to monetize your content in several ingenious ways.

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Invite your loyal fans

At Pindify you can monetize on MORE than streams alone. Earn a set amount per month per invited fan or follower.

Invite your fans and followers from other platforms

Pindify Providers invite by sharing their portfolio or publication to their network channels or by email. The invitee must accept the invitation to be linked to your profile.

Earn on your followers

You will earn additional revenue from fans and followers that engage with your profile and premium content.

Earn on Consumption

Publish premium content to earn additional revenue from your followers and fans and anyone in the market that consumes it.

Earn revenue from Sponsorship

At Pindify, we do not want third party advertising to disrupt what we are trying to accomplish. Sponsorship allows you to collaborate with other providers who are using the platform. This allows you to claim offers from brands you would like to sponsor your publications. You may accept those offers or decline them. It's up to you.